savings for school

School Savings

School Savings Programs Some of the most popular ways to save for school are the Coverdell Education Savings Account, the 529 Savings Plans, College Sure CDs and University Sponsored Pre-Paid Tuition Savings Plans. Coverdell (1)…

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Tuition is 50% Higher at For-Profit Schools

Cost Comparison: Public vs. For-Profit Tuition 2014-2015

For-profit schools are MORE expensive (especially in comparison to public institutions, such as community colleges that represent many for-profits’ main competition) Bachelor’s Degree programs at for-profit schools cost an average of 50% more then the…

Money for School


Scholarships In addition to need-based financial aid programs there are merit based financial awards and grants. These are commonly referred to as scholarships. Scholarships, from the word scholar, are often based upon academic or scholarly…


Federal Financial Aid Programs

Summary of Federal Financial Aid Programs Federal Financial Aid can be thought of in two overall categories. You can get federal grants which do not have to be repaid. Most people will still have a…

Predatory Lending Tactics at For-Profit Schools

Caution With For-Profit Universities

An Education at a For-Profit University Is Often a Bad Choice Money-for-School.org advises prospective students to thoroughly research and investigate before taking courses at any for-profit school. Be especially vigilant of recruiters from for-profits pitching…

Creative Alternative Financing

Creative Alternative Financing

Some less common methods used by students and their families to pay for school: Americorps Work Study Programs Co Op Programs VA Benefits Americorps If you join the americorps and complete a term of americorps…

Common FAFSA Mistakes

10 Most Common FAFSA Mistakes

10. Completing the FAFSA as a married student but sending it in before your marriage date. 9. Completing the FAFSA as a married student but forgetting to combine your spouse’s taxable income with your own….

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Tax Benefits and Considerations

Tax Credits and Tax Deductions There are a variety of different tax benefits to take advantage of (tax credits and deductions). Usually you will get to only claim one of the credits or deductions in…