About The Money-for-School.org Website

How to come up with the dough to pay for school for your college bound kid?

That’s exactly why we’re here. There are countless websites about financial aid. Have a healthy caution regarding some of those sites offering contests or raffles to win x dollars in scholarship money. If they are asking you for money then aren’t they really in business to make money
off of you? Be careful.

There are also plenty of websites with useful information. Often times the only drawback is that there is so much noise surrounding the useful information that it’s like finding a needle in a haystack to find the substance.

We’ve tried to avoid that here. At Money-for-School.org we’ve tried to whittle down the extraneous junk and give just the information and roadmap.
We hope it’s helpful. Please tell us on the contact us page if
you have feedback or ideas.