10 Most Common FAFSA Mistakes

Common FAFSA MistakesCanisius College, Buffalo, New York
  • 10. Completing the FAFSA as a married student but sending it in
    before your marriage date.
  • 9. Completing the FAFSA as a married student but forgetting to
    combine your spouse’s taxable income with your own.
  • 8. Forgetting to carefully complete worksheets A, B and C and
    reporting the results on the appropriate line of the FAFSA.
  • 7. Forgetting to report earned income credit using worksheet A.
  • 6. Reporting income tax withheld instead of income tax paid.
  • 5. Leaving questions blank. Remember to fill in all questions
    unless instructed otherwise.
  • 4. Mailing in FAFSA without proper signatures from student and
    parents if applicable.
  • 3. Failure to list names and Title IV codes of colleges you are
    considering attending.
  • 2. Using a W-2 statement instead of the 1040 to do the FAFSA.
  • 1. Not Reading the Instructions